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To start off, my name is Aaron. I was born in Florida, but lived more than half of my life in North Carolina and consider that my “home” in America. My current home is Kosovo, where I have been working in full-time ministry since January 2012.

I like to read and want to improve my writing, this is my outlet. Besides reading about theology, apologetics, and studying Biblical Languages I like to drink coffee and play guitar.

I have earned a Bachelor’s Degree of Religious Studies from NationsU and I am currently working on my Master of Divinity also at NationsU.

Personal Beliefs:

  • Christian – I believe Jesus, God in the flesh, is the only way of salvation. I am a follower of Jesus, this means I affirm Jesus Christ as my Lord and believe he died for my sins.
  • Protestant – I affirm the five “solas” of the Reformation.
  • Reformed – I affirm the doctrines of grace and believe we can learn a lot from the Puritans.
  • Evangelical – I believe the gospel (which is the original and truest meaning of “evangelical”). I believe that Christians should be proclaiming the gospel (evangelism).
  • Still Growing – While I believe many of the great doctrines of theologians throughout the centuries, especially throughout the reformation, I believe that no person has perfect theology. As fallen and sinful creatures, we will only be perfected in the life to come, and even then God is eternal.

A Mere Breath?

I choose the name as a reminder that our lives here on earth are short. What is important is the life to come, are you ready?

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