Forget Your People And Your Father’s House

“Hear, O daughter, and consider, and incline your ear: forget your people and your father’s house,” – Psalm 45:10 (ESV)

This is the great call that God has given to each of us as followers of Jesus, to “forget your people and your father’s house.” To forget your people is to renounce the world, along with its ways and desires. This is not an easy thing but must be done in order to follow Christ, we cannot have a divided heart, but must give it all to Christ. To forget our father’s house is to forget our past and our sin. We are to break ties with the things we have done in the past and let go. We are called to forsake our sin and the things that hold us done. Jesus calls us to a new life, a new people and a new house!

Forget and turn from:

  1. Sinful lust, our fleshly desires.
  2. Worldly “advantages” and ways.
  3. Self; self will, self righteousness, self sufficiency, and self confidence.

We must come to Jesus in humility and surrender. The life Jesus calls us too is higher than we can accomplish in our own power. Many of us may have scars from the past, hurts, failures, and things that Satan uses to try and keep us down. But praise God we do not have to face this alone, God is there with open arms to carry us along the way, his grace is sufficient for us, his power is made perfect in our weakness.

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